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A fun, modern way to fundraise.

If you are looking for a fun, modern way to fundraise that will increase donations while providing great value to your donors, we would love to partner with you! Within a week we can have you set up to have a CG3 Fundraiser at absolutely no cost to your organization, with no minimum requirements. Because our fundraising products are items that every household uses (and completely calorie free), you will see an increase in donor participation, and ultimately, an increase in how much money you will earn. 

Many donors who find themselves fatigued from purchasing the same products year after year, like the variety of practical products that we have to offer: popular electronics and high-quality batteries (with a 10-year shelf-life guarantee). Because Americans use over 3 billion batteries a year, it is no surprise that one of our top-selling products is the Large Assortment Pack (custom branded to your group) in which donors receive over $62 worth of batteries for only $30. 

We make it EASY for you to get started with a CG3 Fundraiser by providing all the necessary tools to be successful. A custom fundraising website makes it easy for donors, near and far, to order online and have their products shipped DIRECTLY to them FOR FREE! This is fundraising made easy... no collecting, no sorting, no delivering, no hassle! We also provide you with a custom social media package, making it easy for you to share you fundraiser across all platforms. We will keep your group motivated by providing a customized incentive program at NO COST to you. Because we consistently monitor fundraising progress, we can also offer flash incentives or assist with additional marketing to increase participation whenever needed. We are here to help in whatever way we can!

With a CG3 Fundraiser, your earning potential is limitless! The chart below demonstrates how much a group with 25 participants could earn if each participant sold 5,10, 15, or 20 items each. Please note that the fundraiser earnings are based on the average fundraiser earning per product sold ($14) and that these numbers could actually be much higher should your group sell more electronics or combos (which alone generate $30-$38 in fundraiser earnings per combo sold). Learn more about our great products and fundraiser earnings on the products page! 

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Fundraiser Earning Potential

Useful products

Our high quality batteries and power
electronics are items every household uses.

No Fees or Minimums 

There is absolutely no cost for your
organization to have a CG3 Fundraiser. 

High Profit Margins

Our 4 top-selling products will alone
 generate $46 for your organization.

Free direct shipping 

Donors can order online and have their
products shipped directly to them for FREE!

Fundraising Product Flyer

Check out our fundraising flyer, with an overview of all the products we have to offer!  Learn more on our products page!


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