Fundraising Products

Americans use over 3 billion batteries a year in toys and electronics.

That is why our most popular fundraising product is our Large Assortment Pack (custom branded with your organization's content), in which donors receive over $62 worth of batteries for only $30. Our high-quality batteries carry an amazing 10-year shelf-life guarantee, and have been proven in independent tests to match or even outlast all other major brands.

In addition to our batteries, your your donors will love our high-quality electronics! With our amazing wireless earbuds, bluetooth speakers, wireless and solar phone chargers, and assortment of flashlights, we have something for everyone! And new this year, our UV Sterilizer and Wireless Phone Charger kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on your phone, keys, earbuds, watches, and jewelry! And if your donors can't decide on just one item, they can bundle and save with on of our popular CG3 Combos! 

Because of our competitive retail/donor pricing, your group will earn roughly 30% of total sales. The product flyer below shows the amount your group would earn from each product sold (listed beside each price as the “fundraiser benefit”). Most of our battery items generate $10 in fundraising earnings, electronics earn $10-$20 per item, our popular Student, Outdoor, and Flashlight Combos generate an astounding $30-$38 per combo sold. 65% of CG3 donors order more than one item and the average donor order is $110. It is easy to see how quickly your earnings can accumulate when donors find value in the products you are providing. (Within 15 business days of the close of your fundraiser, we will mail you a check with your earnings!)